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Genuine Morocco

There are so many wonderful experiences travelers have told of discovering Street Art in unexpected places. If you have a special discovery or photo from one of our tours, contact us at if you would like to have it published here.

Another way to look at culture

When we travel for fun or are sent abroad to work, we can often feel at sea with little insight into the norms and values of the culture in which we find ourselves. Many of us have tried to understand a different culture through books, cultural guides and tours. Genuine Morocco suggests an additional approach, that of being guided specifically though the Street Art in a region. I recently returned from Morocco where I spent 2 weeks immersed in looking for and at street art. As opposed to other means of learning I found the importance of the support of sports teams in everyday life, multiple depictions of COVID related messages, differences in expectations of men and women and the importance of the role of the monarchy.

At Genuine Morocco we work to bring you a different approach to cultural understanding through boutique on the ground tours and directions for discovering street art on your own. Our first adventures are in Morocco, and in Cape Town SA. As an example below is a brief overview of what Street Art in Marrakech means.

The street art in Marrakech was marked by a certain number of cultural and religious restrictions, that made it for many years frowned upon by most of the people in Marrakech. The beginning was simple graffiti and tagging that could be seen in newer neighborhoods. The real development of this art began to be seen in 2006 with the local soccer team fans that wanted to express their dissatisfaction with the club’s results. Dozens of wall paintings started to infest Marrakech streets with the signature of these fans that called themselves – The Crazy Boys.

In 2016 the Marrakech Biennale served to move the art form forward with some monumental works. In 2012, the German street artist, Hendrik Beikrich, who was interested in painting portraits of Moroccan faces, placed a huge portrait of Aziz in a very busy street in Marrakech, this portrait became a landmark in the city.

Other major murals have followed. A huge wall painting was made in Lycée Tarik Ibn Ziad by two French artists. It depicts the influence of computer games on student life and overlooks a soccer field at the school. The last two years have known a boom in the expression of the Marrakech life experience through Redouane painting in Ferane Ettrab, and another paying homage to those that were in the front line in the fight against Coronavirus.

Let’s chase some street art in Morocco.

See you in Marrakech!

– Susan

What Our Guests are Saying

“I can not recommend this trip enough! I had the time of my life… fun, interesting places, professional staff. It really is a different look at a wondrous country.”