Cooking Class in Marrakech



At Home in Marrakech – A Personal Cooking Class

Genuine Morocco often includes a cooking class. A favorite with guests in as at-home class. Before starting the cooking class, the Moroccan family will serve you a welcoming tea and Moroccan cookies made at home. You cannot find these cookies in most Moroccan shops.

After tea with the family, the chef (the mother) will choose a menu with you and then take you for a walk to the local food market where you can experience shopping with neighborhood people. Together you will bargain and purchase what is needed for your menu. Then back to the apartment’s kitchen where you will participate in preparing your chosen dishes.

And, then, you will sit down and enjoy the wonderful meal that you have helped to prepare.

You will have enough hands-on time to transfer your new skills and knowledge to your kitchen at home. Just like our guest did at home. She also made Squash soup and used the Ras el Hanout she bought in the medina.

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